When And Why Chiropractors Use Electric Muscle Stimulation

Muscle stimulation therapy has been used for many years to treat muscles that have been weakened or atrophied by an injury or long periods of immobility. The electrical impulses stimulate muscles and nerve endings, causing them to contract and relax. These impulses develop strength and encourage blood circulation and healing in the affected area. The effects of electrical muscle stimulation therapy are similar to those of deep tissue massage and are used to treat a variety of painful issues, from muscle strain and injury to fibromyalgia symptoms.


What Conditions Can be Successfully Treated with Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA has approved the use of electrical muscle stimulators when used by healthcare professionals to treat the pain caused by medical conditions. At Village Chiropractic, we use EMS to treat chronic back and neck pain resulting from a variety of conditions, sprains and strains, and automobile accident injuries.

The goal of chiropractic care is to help patients recover from pain and impaired muscle function without having to undergo surgery. Electrical muscle stimulation is often used as a part of the chiropractic treatment plan.

What are the Benefits of Muscle Stimulation?

For many patients, e-stim is a treatment option available to provide relief from muscle pain, tightness, and spasms. Village Chiropractic focuses on e-stim because it is affordable, effective, essentially pain-free, and has minimal risk of any side effects. It is beneficial as a stand-alone treatment for some patients, and as a helpful addition to other patients who are being treated with combined therapies. Studies show that adding muscle stim with manual adjustments make the adjustment more effective and last longer for most patients.

If you’re looking for back or neck pain relief, chiropractic care including muscle stim is a conservative starting point that can help you avoid surgery (or lengthen the time before surgery is needed. It can also reduce the amount of pain killing medicines, prescription and non-prescription, that you may need to function regularly.

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